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  6. Big Beats for FREE! Stream the new Guano Beets EP here: https://soundcloud.com/ihateartists/sets/a-new-breed-of-porn

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  8. Listen to the full “A New Breed Of Porn” 5-track EP from Guano Insane absolutely free!

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  9. The saddest casualty of the death of video stores is the awkwardness of browsing the “adult” section. Now people can hide behind Google. Back in the day if you wanted “Christy Fists Misty” you had to bravely walk up to the counter and hand that shit to someone likely underage to begin with. Then you’d get home and find out it was soft-core ANYWAYS and the term ‘fist’ was greatly misused. Well, maybe not misused but misleading in terms of camera angles. You couldn’t take it BACK at that point; so you were just stuck with it until 3am when you dropped it back into the return slot. Now people just click click clickclickclick. Lame.

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